MKMMA Week 5

First off I’d like to say I’m glad that I decided to Pay It Forward and  continue. It really wasn’t much of a decision. I knew I was going to. I understand that everything comes from the world within. I learned that through the Master Key, Go90Grow and what I’ve picked up from the Joe Dispenza videos. Which I was introduced to in G90G.

Now that I know that this is the nature of how things are, nothing is more important for me to do than continue this discovery. I’m not going to wake up in the middle of the night and come up with this stuff. We’re here only for a moment, we’re worthy of success and it matters what we do.

The GS line that I’m going to bring along to scroll 2 is; “In truth, the only difference between those who have failed and those who have succeeded lies in the difference of their habits.” For me that pretty much sums it up.

Opinions…..My word. I’m a yellow and I happened  to look at some personality information this week. In the section about what yellows don’t like it started off with; “Yellow’s don’t like it when you suppress their opinions or get into intricate details.” So every time I spoke with an analytic this week I had both going on. To much info and I got nothing com’in back! Actually it was very enlightening.

When I don’t “take the bait” so to speak, I have the awareness, with practice, that I am the observer. A new pair of glasses if you will. Or! Looking at things from the 10,000′ level. Or! A heightened awareness. (That was a little Rocky and Bullwinkle there) But you definitely can sense the difference. I have a long way to go because the awareness escapes my thinking and, at times, it can be hours before I realize that I’ve not been paying attention to my life.

That press release took some time for me to get done the week and it still needs a lot of modification. I sat down to start and wasted hours a few times this week. However much like my chore for the week of cleaning my desk, I did it!!!

Boy there is a lot to Emerson’s Law of Compensation. It was not easy to grasp on the first read. I have the general idea but I know there’s a lot I missed given it’s length and the quality of the writer. The good news is the problem is me so I have the power to fix it! I definitely have some channels to unclog when it comes to giving and receiving.

What excites me this week is the thought that I wasn’t doing any of these things prior to taking MKMMA. Og says, change your habits and change your life. Many of the habits will be instilled by the end of the year with more to come. 2017 is going to be a fantastic year!!

Not bad for 80 bucks.



MKMMA Week 4 – You get what you picture…

I am amazed with the Master Key. It’s just the way it is. Every time I read the Master Key assignments I get really fired up about mastering what is explained there. I read it I then I think of my behavior and I can see how things get so “off the rails.”

As much as I enjoy reading the Master Key, I still procrastinate reading it because of the old blueprint is fighting for it’s life and has a pretty strong hold of things. That’s where being the observer seems to come into play. Even thought I schedule these things I still find myself distracted from them and because I’m paying attention to it I am able to override that decision to procrastinate, stop, and do the reading.

I remember reading in the Slight Edge that success is compounded over time. These daily tasks are easy to do however they are also easy not to do and don’t really make any difference today but the habit truly will enhance or destroy my future.

It was pointed out that my PPN’s may not be correct and I think I can feel that as well. I originally listed autonomy and Recognition for Creative Expression however I now believe mine are Liberty and True Health. That is what I see when I read my DMP.

Today I’m going to go back and rewrite my 3 x 5 cards, DMP and movie trailer. I think this will give me a great deal of clarity. I’ve always had difficulty trying to determine what my purpose is because it was always presented as having to be some great purpose and legacy which if I focus on my talents should end up creating the same thing.

One thing I’m going ensure that I do this week 100% is follow my schedule. My written schedule. After all it was a pretty famous guy that said: “So let it be written. So let it be done.”

MKMMA Week 3 – They say you learn in the struggle

I’m a little behind at the moment because I let my “position” be over run by my old blueprint for a period this week. I’m 57 years old and I’ve always been healthy and this week, this week!, I come down with shingles!

Although it’s painful and can be a distraction from trying to sit quietly for 15 minutes, it is my reaction to the distraction that causes my lack of action. I still have to get up, I still have to eat, I still have to go through my day so I still have to follow through on my daily commitment to what is going to make the most miraculous improvements of my life!

We have this new person that joined our company in February of this year and set a record for being the fastest in our companies long history to reach one of the very top levels. So I’m watching this video post he put out on Facebook via Youtube and I was thinking, “Wow how do you do all that?” Then I realized that is exactly what I’m learning to do here!

I once read that, “Detecting developments while they’re still beneath a level of significance is essential in business.” Most of what I’m learning here, I believe, I’m not even aware of yet. I had some issues this week, I’ve been investing time in MKMMA that I didn’t think I had time for in the beginning and yet I still have more going on in my business than just about any other time prior to starting the course!

You really do get what you picture. Are we human beings capable of having spiritual experiences or spiritual beings having a human experience? When I take the time to contemplate how things really are I know it the latter. It  matters what we do. The greatest impact I can have on my life and my future will be determined by what I decide to do today.

MKMMA Week 2

I look forward to the time when, as I’ve heard on the webinars, what appears to be overwhelming now, is a breeze later. Last week I was pleased to have 2 new recruits. This week I had the pleasure of coordinating their schedules with my new enhanced schedule!

Although it seemed like I wouldn’t get everything done, I did in fact complete all that was necessary. The universe is unfolding as it should! These are the things leaders work through. I’ve had jobs, trading time for money, just doing the things the computer couldn’t do and was paid accordingly. I see, I see so far because I stand on the shoulders of giants, I see where this is leading.

Throughout my 10 year network marketing career, I’ve been to the trainings. Read many many books on personal development. Listened to the CD’s on leadership, leadership, leadership. I can feel that this is allowing me to unleash it….on myself!

Thank God for the workbook! I refer back to it constantly to see where I am each day. I’m increasing my involvement with the Alliance Blogs. Instilling this habit is very beneficial to my MKMMA experience. Man, my Father always said if I had a brain I’d be dangerous! That’s actually a positive statement. The word “Dangerous” in the Upstate NY, Niagara Falls dialect, actually means “highly skilled.”

I’m becoming more organized. I know now that getting through the Digital Connection webinars earlier in the week provides a more beneficial environment for growth and proficiency.

My confidence increases each day. Down the road a few months I expect that many things I experience throughout a typical day will seem like they’re happening in slow motion. Like hitting a home run. You just know the ball is gone from the moment it leaves the bat!




MKMMA Week 1

What a fantastic week 1. I though I was going to be somewhat annoyed that the webinar is at 4 pm on Sunday as I’ve been a monster NFL and Oakland Raider Fan, (who play the late game by the way), my entire life. I didn’t even miss it. My vision now allows me to see beyond NFL Sunday each week! I intend to be more focused during the webinar this week as I noticed that I miss the notes on different pages.

The speed reading class we great. I went from 140 words a minute to 280. And I know I can do much better. It really enhanced my reading in addition to the speed. I’m able to focus better and move faster.

I’ve enjoyed reading the Greatest Salesman in the World and it has not overloaded my days. I thought all the readings would take up too much time. I’ve also had one of the best weeks in my business. I recruited 2 new associates and have another coming on board who’s paperwork is just going to take a little longer. Yes, we had a big leader in town for a Thursday event but I’m the one that had 4 guest and that took a great deal more proper contacting to make that happen.

I have more clout then I did a week ago. Now whether in fact I do or I don’t the result is that I do. I can only attribute that to a change in actions which is a substantial increase in personal development and better thinking.

I was glad to get my DMP submitted in a timely manor. I still need to get a clearer vision of what I want. However I do feel that the experience and mental work is increasing my focus.  I can’t have a relationship with my future self if I never take the time to discover who that person is.

I know I sent the survey in and hit done however I suppose I’ll go and check per the email since it mentions 197 are lacking. I also hope that when I hit post here that the blog is submitted to where in needs to be submitted. I’m getting a bit of the old “fear of loss” that I may miss a requirement by not crossing an T or dotting an i and being removed.

Old blueprint I suppose as I believe I now have all of this weeks tasks completed except for the remaining daily readings. So let it be written. So let it be done. HQ out…….

PS. I don’t know if I had my twitter link added so I’m re-posting it.